Anti-Police Graffiti is Appearing All Over the Country

In the 90s, the hip-hop movement and a generation of rebellious teens popularized an offensive saying about the police. The “Blank” the Police expression has unfortunately taken on a new significance in recent years, as protests against both police brutality and slain officers dominate the headlines. And that’s why cities around the country are on edge after a wave of anti-police graffiti has started appearing on buildings, streets, and public property. From coast to coast, local police departments have received calls of structures defaced by taggers with threats. In extreme cases, memorials to slain police officers have even been vandalized. In and around Rochester, NY, police have been forced to respond to a number of incidents. Two men were arrested for allegedly setting fire to a wooden cross honoring a police officer tragically killed in the line of duty last year. Outside Baltimore in Anne Arundel County, MD, a white man was arrested this September for allegedly spray painting “Kill
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