Solutions for Removing Graffiti Exist, Why Aren’t Cities Using Them?

In the 21st century, big-name street artists like Banksy and Shepard Fairey have made many people sympathetic to graffiti as an art form. But city planners know that the overwhelming majority of graffiti is petty vandalism, or worse, gang-related. And it really is overwhelming to thousands of municipal budgets all over North America. Not only are 75% of street signs replaced because of vandalism, but tagger and gang-related graffiti cost $1 to $3 for every taxpayer in America. That might seem like pocket change to some, but to city planners with shrinking budgets, it’s a $319 million-dollar problem that needs solving. Not Just a Graffiti Solution, Affordable Graffiti Prevention If there’s ever been a time for the public to take a stand against graffiti, it’s now: in October 2015, noted public nuisance Justin Bieber promoted his upcoming album by teaming up with “a slew of graffiti artists to install colorful, creative murals that detailed all his remaining, previously unknown titles,
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