Florida Police Arrest Teens Who Signed Graffiti With Their Own Names

December began with a bit of lighter news about graffiti from Florida. The website the Daily Commercial reports from a small town outside Orlando, where “officials discovered Sunday morning that someone had broken into the Kenny Dixon Sports Complex in Bushnell and spray painted the walls with graphic body parts, nicknames and last names.” Because the youths had helpfully signed their handiwork with their last names, police made fast work of arresting them. Lt. Bobby Caruthers, a spokesman for the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, summarized the incident perfectly. “They are not the smartest criminals,” Caruthers said. One day, science may discover why young men are so determined to sneak around in the dead of night to spray paint their names and “graphic body parts” all over town. But already, as part of city beautification projects around North America, cities, non-profit organizations, and schools are looking for more positive ways to direct that energy. A Tale of Two Cities: Stop Graffiti
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