3 Things You Can Do About Graffiti

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, graffiti makes up about 35% of total vandalism, making it the most common type of property vandalism in the nation. It’s now becoming a serious issue in major cities across the nation, as it is not always “harmless spray painting.” Some graffiti includes curse words and derogatory slurs that should not be painted across building where children — or really anyone — needs to see them every day.

Luckily, there are ways that you can help eliminate graffiti. Here are just a few things you should know if you want to enrich your surroundings.

There are so many ways to prevent this vandalism sweeping the nation. There’s anti graffiti laminate, anti graffiti spray, anti-graffiti film, and more. Each and every one of these products can be used to deter people from putting graffiti on buildings. Additionally, there are concentrated areas in most cities where graffiti is more common. Neighborhood watch groups, and/or additional police patrols can also help prevent these areas from cropping up.

Stronger Penalties
Did you know that a traffic sign can last about 10 years depending on weather conditions? That is, if graffiti doesn’t tamper with it. A vandalized street sign costs $200 to $500 to clean — that costs each person in cities in the U.S. about $1 to $3, totaling a minimum of $319 million dollars per year. This may merit higher penalties for those caught in the act, which may deter others from following suit. If there are worse repercussions, people are less likely to take the chance.

Cover Up Art
Community art projects are a great way to enrich your surroundings while at the same time covering up inappropriate graffiti. Rather than just leaving the graffiti as is, your community could get together to work on a mural that means something to the neighborhood. Maybe it could be a memorial to a community leader, or a simple inspirational message to leave people feeling uplifted as they walk by. Whatever you choose, it will be better than the graffiti, and it will bring your community together!

What do you think about these ideas to enrich your surroundings? Which one is your favorite way to eliminate graffiti?

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