Anti-Graffiti Film: One Easy Trick for Stopping Taggers and Graffiti

A traffic sign can easily last up to 10 years, weather permitting. But in reality, at least 75% of traffic signs are replaced years early because of graffiti and vandalism. Despite this, graffiti in the guise of “street art” has its admirers. These graffiti fans love to say that if British street artist Banksy tagged your building, your property value would actually go up. Of course, less than 5% of graffiti actually includes such large visual art “pieces.” For reference, that’s less than half the 10% of graffiti made by gangs. The other 80%? So-called “tagger” graffiti, those hastily drawn initials that can cost taxpayers $200 to $500 for every sign or wall taggers deface.

That’s why cities and towns all over the world are looking for anti-graffiti films that can protect public property of all kinds. Not only that, but new patent-pending anti-graffiti film can also double as city beautification projects. Products like TW 360 film function as both community art projects and protective films that stop taggers from destroying signs, benches, walls, and more. So how does TW 360c film work?

A multilayer film can be easily installed on signs, anti-graffiti filmbenches, walls, vehicles, and all other kinds of public property. Part of the anti-graffiti film acts as graphic wraps, and can be custom designed with artwork and installed as city beautification projects. Plus, the outer layer of the film makes it easier than ever for city workers to wash and remove graffiti. That means you can enrich your surroundings by featuring the work of local artists while also stopping taggers from wasting taxpayer money. If that’s not enough, anti-graffiti film helps prevent fading on signs as well.

You’ve probably seen public utility boxes that attract taggers and vandalism like honey attracts flies. Yet with special protective film you can transform a vandalized box into utility box art that revitalizes your streets. And because of the ability to custom design the protective films with the artwork of your choosing, there are limitless possibilities for beautifying your city.

Invest in anti-graffiti film and discover the most cost-effective, eye-popping way to stop taggers in their tracks.

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