Our Technology – Made for the traffic industry

Engineered exclusive form of DuPont™ Tedlar® polyvinyl fluoride film (PVF) technology. This is the only protective film with over 50 years of proven field performance in applications such as building protection, long lasting applications, clean aircraft interiors, and the long term reliability of solar panels. DuPont™ has worked exclusively with TrafficWrapz to develop the TW 360 series protective film for the traffic industry.

Our material IS NOT a typical vinyl film or anti-graffiti film; it’s an engineered material for industrial applications with exclusive TW 360hd protectant film. The material is a canvas for high definition art and provides many years of protection from the elements and defacing.

Our patent-pending multilayer film was designed to provide superior protection while showcasing vibrant graphical images and designs.

Even the harshest graffiti wipes of effortlessly with biodegradable eco cleaner or traditional graffiti cleaners. Your structure is not protected unless you ask for TW 360 series film.

Protect your signs

Our transparent TW 360c overlay film offers a new level of protection for
your city and municipal signage. Get extended life out of your signs and
save money on graffiti cleaning costs.
• Graffiti-proof
• Chemical and eco cleaner durable
• AdhesiveGuard technology
• UV protection to protect your signs
• Protect from road salt and coastal communities
• Available in 24” x 150’ and 54” x 150’ rolls