McCain Inc. and TrafficWrapz Announce Master Partnership

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McCain Introduces New Means of City Beautification and Graffiti Protection

TrafficWrapz™ partnership helps agencies save on graffiti removal and boost civic pride

VISTA, California, July 21, 2015 – McCain Inc., a national leader in the supply of advanced transportation solutions for safety and mobility, today announced a master partnership agreement with TrafficWrapz™ to enhance its traffic cabinet offerings. Under the agreement, McCain is the first to represent the TrafficWrapz™ patent-pending line of anti-graffiti and chemical resistant protectants that turn intersection cabinets into custom pieces of art.

Across the nation, a growing number of cities are investing in beautification projects to promote morale and civic virtue within their communities. Many of these efforts, however, are hindered by graffiti and the high costs of its removal. Unlike paint that may face and need to be reapplied after a few years, the TrafficWrapz™ proprietary technology offers communities beautification solutions that not only help deter vandalism but will stand the test of time.

This latest product offering allows McCain customers to:

  • Apply custom, award-winning graphics, photos, wayfinding, or local artwork to traffic cabinets
  • Beautify their city to encourage civic pride
  • Combar graffiti with industrial-grade protectants
  • Reduce costs of the never-ending cycle of graffiti removal

“Traffic cabinets can be found at every signalized intersectionacross the United States,” said McCain Inc. director of sales, Nathan Welch. “Located in high traffic areas, cabinets are often leading targets for unwanted stickers, signs and graffiti. McCain has long offered solutions to combat vandalism, but none quite like this. The customizable nature and durability of the TrafficWrapz™ brand, enables agencies to not only protect their infrastructure investments but to turn them into lasting works of art.”

The McCain andTrafficWrapz™ master partnership agreement, effective immediately, provides McCain sales and distribution rights throughout North America. The custom, high-definition graphics can be installed at McCain prior to shipping or in the field. Best of all, films can be cleaned effortlessly with natural and conventional graffiti cleaners without risk of fading or damaging the protectant film and cabinet.

About TrafficWrapz™

TrafficWrapz™ brand is owned and operated by VSP Marketing Graphic Group. VSP has been providing solutions for municipalities and Fortune 500 companies across North America for over 20 years. With offices/production facilities in Seattle WA, West Palm Beach FL, Buffalo NY and a North America certified execution team, VSP continues to drive innovation. The TrafficWrapz™ team and its technologies are solely used and developed for city beautification and graffiti-proofing applications.

About McCain Inc.

McCain Inc. develops products used by millions of people around the world every day. A manufacturing powerhouse since 1987, the company’s brand portfolio includes advanced traffic control equipment, integrated transportation systems, and custom manufacturing solutions for Fortune 500 companies. The McCain community is comprised of more than 600 team members at operations in the United States and Mexico.

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