The Benefits of TrafficWrapz™
Community Beautification

  • Celebrate Your Local History
  • Highlight Local Artists
  • Revitalize Neighborhood Pride

Beautify Your Traffic and Utility Boxes

With our patented beautification system your community's eyesores are transformed into beautiful public art installations.

traffic cabinet covered in artwork of brown cows in colorful landscape
  • A growing number of cities are investing in beautification projects to promote morale and civic virtue within their communities, but many of these efforts are hindered by graffiti and the high costs of its removal. Painted surfaces and sign shop solutions cause more problems than they solve.
  • TrafficWrapz™ Systems installations not only help deter vandalism, lower maintenance costs, uphold the integrity and performance of utility equipment, but they will stand the test of time.
  • TrafficWrapz™ Systems are certified by major manufacturers of traffic and utility cabinets and utility companies across North America.

Beautiful Solutions, Proven Performance

TW 360 Series™ graffiti-proof technology, along with our patented TrafficWrapz™ process, and our world-class services, bring artworks by local artists to your street corners.