About Us

Welcome to TrafficWrapz™

Our parent company was established in 1995 and has since become one of the largest specialized creative companies in North America. We are a Certified Company and exceed industry standards by implementing our own certification protocol that involves testing, continuous education and training focused on industrial applications. We’ve also developed the only protocol for installation on electrical equipment such as traffic utility cabinets. Over the years, we have focused on bringing creative graphic solutions to organizations and companies across the United States and Canada.

The Problem:

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics graffiti is the most common type of personal and city property vandalism, comprising 35% of said vandalism. On average, it can cost up to $200 to $500 to clean a vandalized street sign, costing cities across the U.S. about $1 to $3 per person each year (that’s a minimum of $319 million!). So what is to be done? Using standard caustic cleaners can cause serious damage to the films applied to traffic signs and cabinets. Without graffiti, traffic signs can last up to 10 years without vandalism, depending on weather conditions. However, as many as 75% of traffic signs are replaced due to vandalism, either as a result from the graffiti itself or the act of cleaning the signs. So, what is the solution to this serious and expensive issue?

The Solution:

Our team met has met with dozens of city engineers, city equipment manufacturers, safety authorities and city planners across the country and, with their feedback, we have been able to develop the ideal solution. We searched the globe with small to leading manufacturers of vinyl and anti-graffiti products, but no products met our standards or matched what cities, engineers, equipment manufacturers and city planners really needed.


We bring you TrafficWrapz™: a brand with exclusive technology focused on beautification, graffiti protection and biodegradable graffiti cleaners.


TrafficWrapz™ enhances beautification efforts not only with our multilayer graffiti-proof film technology, but also with our biodegradable graffiti cleaners that make maintenance quick, easy and cost-effective without harming the environment. Our film outperforms industry competitors because it does not fade or peel under the harsh chemicals in common industrial cleaners, it can withstand deterioration in a variety of regional climates, is engineered to custom fit any object and can be printed with customized high definition graphics.

Our 20 years’ experience from creative to production to installation enables us to partner with you to make lasting works of art out of items that would normally be eyesores. Our award-winning design and project management team is available to serve you and your community with the highest level of creativity. Our expert graphical installation force can work with any product and can even implement your projects on-site.

Let TrafficWrapz™ guide you and partner with you through the process. We’ll do the work to bring long-lasting beautification to your community.